Care in Construction Theatre - supported by Care home environment

Designing to reduce distressed behaviour
10:45 - 11:30 NEC - Hall 3
Senior Consultant Dementia Care,

The impact of environmental design on distressed behaviour is a neglected topic. This presentation will look at what we know from research: research from the field of dementia and also that of schools and prisons. Some tentative results from an examination of a few units specifically for people with distressed behaviours will be shared.

Outdoor spaces for people with dementia: basics and detailed design
11:45 - 12:30 NEC - Hall 3
Associate Consultant – Architect & Landscape Architect
Dementia Centre, HammondCare

This presentation looks at the existing, often problematic, issues in garden design and access for people with dementia. It then looks at how to get the basic design right in respect of site layout and microclimate. Finally, there is a section on the detailed design considerations to make the outdoor areas safe, fun, healthy and with plenty of activities – so that carers will not worry about the people they are caring for when they go outside – and indeed will be happy to join them. Outdoor spaces designed for people with dementia!

Panel: Using colour and lighting to strike the balance between form and function
12:45 - 13:30 NEC - Hall 3
MD Drawing Room Interiors
Lighting for Health
Sales & Marketing Director
Panaz Fabrics
HomeSmithes Ltd

There is a balance to be struck between ensuring that design caters for the needs of older people including dementia whilst also respecting the desire of a lot of older people to enjoy something that is tasteful and what they have been used to enjoying in public life.

For example, the contrast between what some would call desirable luxury in boutique design hotel/care homes but others would say are sometimes unsuitable for people with dementia – how do interior designers strike the right balance?


Chairperson: Diana Celella, Chairman of the Healthcare Council, SBID

Nuala Morris, Managing Director, Lighting for Health
Carmel Satterthwaite, Sales & Marketing Director, Panaz Fabrics
Jacqui Smith, Director, HomeSmithes Ltd

Panel: Making buildings accessible for older people with varying needs
14:00 - 14:45 NEC - Hall 3
Centre for Accessible Environments
President of the Access Association
Access Association

What considerations should architects be mindful of when designing buildings for older people? What technological solutions and innovations are available to help overcome these challenges?


Chairperson: tbc


  • Karen Ross, Centre for Accessible Environments
  • Francis Philippa, Foundations
  • Rachel Smalley, President of the Access Association, Access Association


Why isn’t Passivhaus being used more regularly in buildings for older people?
15:00 - 15:45
Cowan Eco Design

Passivhaus is being adopted right across the construction industry but isn’t yet common in care homes and sheltered accommodation. This session will look at the benefits to operators and developers in terms of capital and running costs and the quality of living conditions for residents and their families.